The gen-Next pre-School
The gen-Next pre-School
Highlights of Our School
Highlights of Our School
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Play is primary to a child and synonymous to childhood. Child and play are like two miscible liquids and the fact that nobody ever teaches a child to play; yet children play and learn many aspects by exploring the environment and surrounding.

Play is intrinsic to a child and the basic mode of learning. Our curriculum combines the best of the preschool methodologies in the curriculum to give scope to every child to create, discover, interact and become self confident as they master various skills through play.

Our programmes promote smartness with avenues to unleash the little facilitators in the children. Our programmes broaden the perspectives of the little researchers to uncover the facts, principles, properties of things that clarify the concepts with exploration and learning experience.

I Learn I play programmes offer uniquely designed curriculum with day to day structured activities imparted in sequential pattern to suit the developmental needs of children.

The curriculum weaves the developmental activities, learning & teaching resources and concepts that ascertain play as the medium for the preschoolers to learn. Play and learn activities impart the opportunity to evaluate the child’s progress in line with the formative evaluation parameters.

In order to cater and promote the harmonious learning experience, we offer the following age appropriate programmes:

  • Playgroup- Age – 2 yrs to 3 yrs
  • Nursery- Age – 3 yrs to 4 yrs
  • Junior KG- Age – 4 yrs to 5 yrs
  • Senior KG- Age – 5 yrs to 6 yrs

Our programmes encompass age-appropriate learning activities in a vibrant learning environment cultivating knowledge construction, self-directed investigations, problem-solving and critical thinking skills which lays emphasis on the parental involvement and home school relationship development for the holistic development of children. The unique programmes for every age level centered on developmentally appropriate and ‘ learn to play’ activities that help children develop physically, intellectually, emotionally and socially.

I Learn I play : Playgroup Programme

‘I Learn I play' offers developmentally appropriate programmes from 2-6 years.

Little ones toddle their way into playgroup holding their parent's hand. Our facilitators welcome them with open arms into a colorfully embellished environment. Thematic display, appropriately mapped teaching and learning aids and soothing environment stimulate the little ones young minds.

Playgroup children at I Learn I play; play and learn with their age mates. Play dough, clay play, sand play as well as splashes of water in the pool helps toddlers develop a love for their pre-school.

Songs, stories and fun filled activities lure children to happily get acquainted to the pre-school setting to further their developmental journey simultaneously involving parents who support us in their little ones developmental progression.

I Learn I play: Nursery Programme

Nursery children proceed further on their developmental ladder with the guidance of their facilitators in an enticing environment who are also thematically introduced concepts with appropriate teaching and learning aids carefully mapped and woven in the activities.

Facilitators help our little ones progress towards holistic development with their playmates and parents who are empowered with enrichment programmes to facilitate their little ones development.

Rhymes, songs, letter and numbers all sing and dance with our nursery children as sort and recognize, name and sketch various things inspired by their second tutor; the environment. Facilitators help our little ones progress towards holistic development with their playmates and parents who are empowered with enrichment programmes to facilitate their little ones development.

I Learn I play: Senior KG Programme

Having developed a love for their pre-school, now children have their favourite toys, a gang of friends. They have begun their reading, writing and solve some maths too.

Senior Kindergarteners are just getting ready for formal schooling along with the concepts and themes, providing a variety of experiences and fostering learning through play.

Ascending the ladder of developments, strengthening their foundations for an adventurous and exciting educational journey ahead; senior kindergarten at I Learn I play prepares children as well as their parents for the next step.

I Learn I play: Junior KG Programme

Junior Kindergarteners at I Learn I play progress a little further as they prepare themselves for a formal schooling experience. A wide arena of themes broadens their developmental horizons to conquer the developmental milestones apt for their age.

Letters, numbers, words, and much more all along with teaching and learning resources to promote learning through play to further their wisdom.

I Learn I Play :Activities

Aptitude is the potential waiting to sprout and develop into a talent. Every child is bestowed with numerous such talents that are seeking an outbreak to expression.

Right from the fad of watching the still landscapes, foliage, animals and birds to climbing tress, rocks, dancing to the tunes, composing, singing, sketching and stretching strokes of paint on a canvas… every child has a personalized choice.

Young children are a storehouse of myriad talents that need to be identified and enhanced. ‘My Hobbies’ acknowledges this special choice and advances these interests to develop them into special talents.

‘My Hobbies’ pampers every child with interesting activities in different domains to foster their smartness. Hobbies are a healthy investment of time and energies to seek a satisfying outcome. We nurture and nourish the curious minds with apt resources & professional guidance to harness their smartness into shimmering talents.

I Play I Learn lays the foundation of the educational journey for the little ones; 'My Hobbies’ make it pleasant and interesting to groom the personalities of the new age individuals.

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